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I began going to drag races in Southern California in the late 1950s.   Pomona, Fontana, San Gabe, Lions, Riverside, OCIR, etc.  I fell in love with the sounds, smell,  speed, and beauty of drag racing.  They were the golden years.  When I moved to Utah to go to college, I got interested in Bonneville.  I first went to Speed Week in the early 1970s.  Rarely do I miss going out to sleep on the salt and watch the racing.  The racers are so approachable.  The people are as interesting as the cars.  I have witnessed several fatal crashes.  This website serves as a kind of tribute to those who lost their lives in pursuit of a land speed record dream.  It complements my other website on drag strip deaths.

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Name/Year of Accident

Arnett, Sonny (1995)

Barsanti, Roberto (1921)

Beckett, John (2005)

Bennett, Charles (1964)

Bible, Lee (1929)

Bigelow, Ken (1951)

Black, Noel (1970)

Bryant, Barry (2009)

Buckmaster, Jim (1972)

Cass, Wayne (1948)

Dean, Pete (1984)

Deneau, Gerald (2012)

Donaldson, John (1955)

Emick, "Geezer" (1969)

Fadave, Robert (1949)

Fancher, Floyd (1949)

Fernihough, Eric (1938)

Foster, Tony (2014)

Funk, Robert (1962)

Glover, Tom (1948)

Graham, Athol (1960)

Gullett, Cliff (2008)

Haller, Harvey (1953)

Herda, Bob (1969)

Jacobs, Johan (2006)

Johnson, Jim (1957)

Johnston, Bruce (1998)

Leasher, Glenn (1962)

Lockhart, Frank (1928)

Lombardi, Guy (2009)

Lubinsky, Larry (1969)

Lyons, Jerry (2012)

McGregor, Rulon (1949)

Magi, Renato (1951)

Meo, Vaifro (1984)

Owen, Dave (2008)

Parry-Thomas, J. G. (1927)

Partridge, Tim (2018)

Pendleton, Jackson (1949)

Robinson, Bob (1950)

Rosemeyer, Bernd (1938)

Schlegel, Nicholas (1947)

Somariba, Janos (1933)

Sproul, Charles (1955)

Stewart, Jack (1968)

Warner, Bill (2013)

Watts, Tommy (1980)

Werder, Wilbert (1949)

Wheeler, Sam (2016)

White, Nolan (2002)

Williams, Elwyn (1954)

Windman, Nathan (1934)

Wynja, Cornelius (1951)