Land Speed Racer Memorial


Sonny Arnett

Born:  December 1, 1950

Died:  May 7, 1995

Buried:  Glen Abbey Memorial Park, Bonita, California


Full Name:  Joaquin Arnett


Location:  El Mirage Dry Lake, California


Accident Date:  May 7, 1995







California Death Index  (Joaquin Arnett, born December 1, 1950 in Calif., died May 7, 1995 in San Bernardino Co., mother’s maiden name was Cesena)

Social Security Death Index  (Joaquin Arnett, born December 1, 1950, died May 7, 1995, SS# issued in Calif. In 1966)

California Birth Index  (Joaquin Arnett, born December 1, 1950 in San Diego Co., mother’s maiden name was Cesena)

California Marriage Index  (Joaquin Arnett, age 31, md. Cynthia A. Stephens, age 24, on Dec. 19, 1981 in San Diego Co.)


Bruce Johnston

Born:  February 26, 1922

Died:  June 27, 1998


Age:  76

Full Name:  Bruce B. Johnston


Location:  Rogers (formerly Muroc) Dry Lake, California

Event:  SCTA "Return to Muroc Reunion"

Accident Date:  June 27, 1998

Vehicle:  lakester

Biographical:  In 1996, the SCTA returned to Rogers Dry Lake for speed trials.  Races hadn't taken place there since 1941, at which time it was called Muroc Dry Lake.  Johnston was one of the first to run on Saturday morning in his lakester.  He was trying to reach a speed of 200 MPH when the car veered to one side and catapulted into the air.  The car overturned several times in the air before hitting the ground.  He was transported to Edwards Air Force Base hospital where he was pronounced dead of massive head and chest injuries.  He was survived by his widow, Sarah Helen Johnston.  They lived in Burbank, California.  He was a veteran racer on the dry lakes.


"76-year-old race car driver from Burbank killed in crash," Los Angeles Daily News, June 29, 1998

California Birth Index  (Bruce B. Johnston, born Feb. 26, 1922, in LA Co., mother’s maiden name was Sandefer)

1930 U.S. Census  (Bruce B. Johnston, age 8, born in Calif., son of Everett E. and Orma S. Johnston, living in Burbank)

U.S. World War II Enlistment Records  (Bruce B. Johnston, born 1922 in LA Co., Cal., enlisted in LA, Cal. On Oct. 10, 1942, in Army Air Corps, civil occupation was airplane mechanic, single)

Social Security Death Index  (Bruce B. Johnston, born Feb. 26, 1922, died June 27, 1998, SS# issued in Cal. Before 1951, last residence was Burbank, area code 91506)


Name/Year of Accident

Arnett, Sonny (1995)

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Bennett, Charles (1964)

Bible, Lee (1929)

Bigelow, Ken (1951)

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Combs, Jessi (2019)

Dean, Pete (1984)

Deneau, Gerald (2012)

Donaldson, John (1955)

Emick, "Geezer" (1969)

Fadave, Robert (1949)

Fancher, Floyd (1949)

Fernihough, Eric (1938)

Foster, Tony (2014)

Funk, Robert (1962)

Glover, Tom (1948)

Graham, Athol (1960)

Gullett, Cliff (2008)

Haller, Harvey (1953)

Herda, Bob (1969)

Jacobs, Johan (2006)

Johnson, Jim (1957)

Johnston, Bruce (1998)

Leasher, Glenn (1962)

Lockhart, Frank (1928)

Lombardi, Guy (2009)

Lubinsky, Larry (1969)

Lyons, Jerry (2012)

McGregor, Rulon (1949)

Magi, Renato (1951)

Meo, Vaifro (1984)

Owen, Dave (2008)

Parry-Thomas, J. G. (1927)

Partridge, Tim (2018)

Pendleton, Jackson (1949)

Robinson, Bob (1950)

Rosemeyer, Bernd (1938)

Schlegel, Nicholas (1947)

Somariba, Janos (1933)

Sproul, Charles (1955)

Stewart, Jack (1968)

Warner, Bill (2013)

Watts, Tommy (1980)

Werder, Wilbert (1949)

Wheeler, Sam (2016)

White, Nolan (2002)

Williams, Elwyn (1954)

Windman, Nathan (1934)

Wynja, Cornelius (1951)