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Pete Dean

Born:  June 7, 1937

Died:  May 6, 1984


Age:  46

Full Name:  Peter Malcolm Dean


Location:  El Mirage Dry Lake, California

Event:  SCTA

Accident Date:  May 6, 1984

Vehicle:  truck

Biographical:  He was a member of the San Diego Roadsters Club.  In an attempt to supposedly improve aerodynamics, he was driving a pick-up with the tailgate down.  He was a longtime SCTA member and racer and was survived by his wife, Judy.  He was a member of the El Mirage 200 MPH Club.  SCTA honored him by renaming their sportsmanship trophy the Pete Dean Memorial Sportsmanship Trophy.


Wendy Jeffries, e-mail communication to site administrator, May 22, 2010

California Death Index  (Peter Malcolm Dean, born June 7, 1937 in Washington, died May 6, 1984 in San Bernardino Co., mother’s maiden name was Engen)

California Marriage Index  (Peter M. Dean married Judith A. Hensley/Bottoms on May 27, 1967 in San Diego, Cal.)

Social Security Death Index (Peter Dean, born June 7, 1937, died May 1984, SS# issued in New Jersey)

Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter 93 (

Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter 111 ( 


Vaifro Meo


Died:  December 11, 1984



Full Name: 


Location:  El Barreal, San Juan, Argentina


Accident Date:  December 11, 1984

Vehicle:  Garelli - Kreidler 50 motorcycle

Biographical:  While trying to set a world record speed mile, the engine of his motorcycle exploded. He was killed instantly when his motorcycle overturned. An experienced rider, he had been attempting land speed records since the 1950s,


"Jet truck crash kills driver," Sydney Morning Herald, Mar. 3, 1980

Motorsport Memorial


Tommy Watts

Born:  June 1, 1922

Died:  March 2, 1980


Age:  57

Full Name:  Thomas Henry Watts


Location:  Rosedale-Longford Road, near Sale, Victoria, Australia

Event:  Australian Land Speed Record for Trucks

Accident Date:  March 2, 1980

Vehicle:  twin Rolls Royce jet engined-1956 Foden "Puff the Magic Dragger" truck

Biographical:  The speed trials were held on a blocked-off six-kilometer section of the Rosedale-Longford Road. On the date of the race, Watts had broken four Australian speed records for trucks for the distances of standing quarter and half mile and half kilometer and the flying mile. He was re-running the flying kilometer due to a dispute over the time he recorded earlier. It was during this re-running attempt that he had his fatal accident. He veered off the road into gravel at about 155 MPH. He was thrown from the cabin when the truck overturned and died instantly. He lived in Williamstown, owned a service station, and was the father of seven children.


"Jet truck crash kills driver," Sydney Morning Herald, Mar. 3, 1980

Motorsport Memorial


 "Jet truck crash kills driver," Sydney Morning Herald, Mar. 3, 1980





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